Summer Reading

The Library has been participating in summer reading programs for over 20 years.  The purpose of the program is to prevent children from suffering from the summer slump, a term used to describe young readers that take a break from reading and forget some of their skills over the summer months.

Each year there is a theme for the summer reading program.  This is not unique to just the Tyrone library, it is for libraries all over the  United States.  There were 3 themes for 3 age groups, Dream Big for the under 12 group, Own the Night for the teenagers and Between the Covers for the adults.  From these themes, corresponding activities are planned.  Sign ups are made and statistics kept for each group.  And prizes are awarded!

The Dream Big and Own the Night groups had 75 register and 44 complete the program.  To complete the program involves keeping track of the books read and the number of pages and then turning the log in on time.

Dream Big

This group actually consists of 2 sub groups.  The first being the read to me group.  This is for the youngest of future readers that are unable to read themselves.  The 2nd group are readers over the age of 7.  One of the best part of summer reading is the prizes.  For the children they can get a coupon for a FREE meal at McDonald’s, a $5 gift certificate to Benzel’s Pretzel factory, a plastic bag with the theme on it for carrying future library home and a really nice toy.

A quilt is donated each year to be raffled off and the proceeds cover the expenses of summer reading.  There are very nice prizes that are purchased.  On the closing ceremony all of the prizes are spread across a few tables, as each child’s name is called they are welcome to select a prize.

The top read to me and reader were awarded with a 1 day pass to Delgrosso’s amusement park.  The top read to me person had 57 books read to them.  The top reader read 139 books and the most number of pages read was 13469!

Own the Night

This group is for the teenagers.  The top reader was awarded a gift card to Barnes n Noble.  The top teen reader read 12 books and the most number of pages read was 4063.

Between the Covers

The adult summer reading program runs most of the summer, where the youth programs go for only 6 weeks.  The adult program was kicked off by a spa night in June.  There was a ghost hunters program in July and a quilt show to wrap up the summer in August.

There are prizes for the adults too.  Members of the Friend’s group donate small items that go into a prize basket.  There are weekly random drawings for a prize.

The adults can review the books they have read and receive a coupon for a FREE used book.  These reviews are kept at the library for other patrons to peruse.

New this year was a patchwork quilt made from all the titles that were read by participants.

There were 35 people that signed up and 15 logs that were turned in.  The group read 290 books containing 99,473 pages.  The top reader, Adda Frye read 65 books with 26,486 pages.  A Barnes N Noble gift card was given to Adda for her hard work.  The 2nd place reader Deb Bartos, read 36 books with 12,171 pages.  And the 3rd place reader Barbara Herist read 27 books with 10,927.



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