Happy Hatching Day Party!

In celebration of the chick hatching, the library put on a party!  My boys couldn’t wait!  Their hope was to be able to hold a real, live chick.

The Creature Teacher, (Judy Wallace) from the Blair County Conservation District came and taught everyone about chickens.

She started at the beginning and talked about eggs.   She even passed out some raw eggs to see if the kids could break the shell with 1 hand.  None of the kids were able to do this.  She then showed them the trick for doing this in 1 hand, piercing.  She had a ring on that she turned to have the stone on the inside and used the stone to pierce the egg.  The baby chick uses part of its beak to break the shell.After showing the kids the trick, one had to try it again.  To the person’s surprise the egg broke!  How egg-citing!  The person was so shocked that they were waving their arms around trying to get he gooey egg of their fingers.  This did not end well.  An innocent bystander got egg on their shirt.  Thank goodness the Librarian’s had an extra t-shirt.  I tried to take a picture for your viewing enjoyment, but they wouldn’t corporate.

The kids were very excited to take a turn holding the chicks.  These chicks were a few weeks old.  I couldn’t believe how quickly they grow from hatching.Judy was so gracious to give the kids a little grain for their hands.  They all wanted to feed the chicks.

Judy also brought along her hen, Foot of 10, that just happened to have 10 toes, well they really aren’t called toes.  Most chickens only have 8.  She showed where the eggs come out.  The kids thought that was kind of gross.  I even over heard one them saying it was TMI (too much information).As the event wrapped up we sang to the chick.  Judy had come up with the most creative song explaining the incubation of the eggs.

After all our learning about eggs and the hatching process, which the kids acted out on the floor, the kids were ready for some cake.Here is the chick we honored with our celebration being offered some grain for the 1st time.  Chicks don’t drink milk like other babies do, they go straight for grain.Thanks so much for the creature teacher telling us about eggs and chickens and giving us a hands on experience with her.



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  1. Awesome pictures! Thanks!

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