The Tyrone-Snyder Public Library is for the birds!

You’ve probably heard of places going to the dogs, but this summer the library is definitely going to the birds! Currently we are participating in the Blair County Conservation District’s What’s Hatching at Your Library? program developed by Creature Teacher Jody Wallace. Jody develops educational programming for kids in Blair County that teaches them about nature and conservation–all her programs are wonderful (she is a frequent guest during our summer reading program, and the kids love her!), but we’re really excited about What’s Hatching at Your Library? Jody set up an incubator in the library in June, and this month we are going to hatch some chicken eggs. Of course, only Mother Nature knows for sure, but the projected hatch dates for our eggs are July 10th, July 13th, July and July 17th. We’ll be posting Facebook updates as soon as we see those eggs hatching, so stay tuned.

What’s Hatching at the Library will conclude with a special EGGS-STRAVAGANZA birthday party for the library chicks on Wednesday, July 18th at 3 PM. Fortunately Jody will be taking the chicks back to the farm, because on July 24th at 6 PM we’ll be welcoming Shaver’s Creek and their live owls at their Owls Around Us show, and something tells us owls and chicks are not a good combination. We’ll have another owl program with Jody on July 31st at 6 PM titled Owls: Creatures of the Night. At this program you’ll have a chance to dissect a real owl pellet. Depending on your personality this is either fascinating or disgusting, or possibly both.

All these programs are free and open to children and teens whether or not they are participating in our summer reading program. Local, free, and fun–we have it all for summertime!


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  1. The eggs are really neat to see. And owls? YES.

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