Dig Into Reading at the Library

Our Dig Into Reading summer reading program has begun, and here at the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library we’ve got a variety of fun events & activities for kids of all ages going on throughout June and July. On Saturday, June 22nd at 6 PM we’ll have our third annual summer reading program kickoff carnival in the library’s parking lot. Free carnival games & prizes for the kids, and refreshments available for everyone for a small donation fee. Thanks to Jean-O’s Pizza and the Friends of the Library for donating refreshments for the carnival. But the fun doesn’t stop there. On Tuesday, June 25th at 6 PM we’ll be hosting a free magic show featuring local teen magicians MandM. Visit their website at mandmmagic.com for a look at this talented duo and their mixture of traditional magic tricks and comedy.

The summer reading fun continues in July, as we invite children to plant a pollinator garden outside the library with the Tyrone Garden Club and Creature Teacher Jody Wallace on Monday, July 8th at 6:30 PM. The library’s next Family Fun Night will be held on Tuesday, July 9th at 6 PM. Kids ages 8 and up can use the Dewey Decimal System to dig up facts at our Dig it Up scavenger hunt on Tuesday, July 16th at 6 PM. For younger children, we’ll have a simpler hunt for gnomes in the children’s area at the same time. The Creature Teacher will return to the library on Tuesday, July 23rd at 6 PM for an educational and fun presentation that will give you all the dirt on dirt. And on July 30th, walk like an Egyptian to the library for Project Egyptian Runway, a chance for kids 6 and up to design their own ancient Egyptian sarcophagus. All summer reading program events are free and open to the public, and you do not need to be signed up for the program to attend the events, but we ask that caregivers stay with their children.

Of course, our summer reading program is all about fun, but Summer Reading is one of those rare things in life that is fun and actually good for you. Children who participate in library summer reading programs maintain their reading & vocabulary skills over that long summer vacation, which helps them avoid the dreaded summer slump when they go back to school. Sound good? Sign your kids up at our summer reading headquarters, conveniently located by the checkout desk.


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School’s Out! Now What?

If you’re looking for nearby activities for your kids this summer, make the library your first stop. With our summer reading program beginning, we’ve got a variety of fun events & activities for kids of all ages going on. We’ll be celebrating the start of our Dig Into Reading Summer Reading Program with a special fun night on Tuesday, June 11th at 6 PM dedicated to dirt and all things underground. Sign up for the children’s and teen’s summer reading program will begin on June 17th, and the summer reading fun will continue on June 18th at 5:30 PM as we host our annual Decorate a t-shirt program. Design a t-shirt with one of our special Dig Into Reading iron-on transfers and then wear it to all of our summer reading events! This program is BYOT: bring your own t-shirt. We provide all the paint, transfers, and other decorations. On Saturday, June 22nd at 6 PM we’ll have our third annual summer reading program kickoff carnival in the library’s parking lot. Free carnival games & prizes for the kids, and refreshments available for everyone for a small donation fee. We’re especially excited about a free magic show being held at the library on Tuesday, June 25th at 6 PM. Presenters M&M Magic are a pair of teen magicians from State College. Visit their website at mandmmagic.com for a look at this talented duo and their mixture of traditional magic tricks and comedy. Summer reading program events are free and open to the public, but we ask that caregivers stay with their children.

Our annual Brown Baggers Book Club for 4th-7th graders will begin Tuesday, June 18th and continue every Tuesday from noon-1 PM until July 30th. You provide the lunch, the library provides the books (which are yours to keep). A $5.00 deposit is required for this program. To sign up your child, call us at 684-1133 or register at the checkout desk. Space is very limited, so register ASAP.

Our Friends of the Library have just begun their summer reading program for adults, and they’ll have their own special calendar of events related to this year’s theme, Groundbreaking Reads. The Groundbreaking Reads theme focuses on books that changed the world, and we have an assortment of these revolutionary reads on display in the library. Participants in the adult summer reading program can win prizes donated by local businesses and receive coupons for free books at library book sales. To sign up, visit the Groundbreaking Reads table conveniently located in front of the checkout desk.

This month’s Careerlink outreach service date is Wednesday, June 12th. A Pennsylvania Careerlink representative will be available in the library from 2-4 PM to help you navigate the Careerlink website, update your resume, and look for jobs in the area. Careerlink services are free and open to the public, but we recommend you call the library ahead of time at 684-1133 to confirm availability.

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May/June events at the library: financial literacy, plants, and summer reading

Reliance Bank will be presenting a free class on the basics of credit & savings in the library’s community room on Thursday, May 30th at 5:30 PM. Get the tools you need to be equipped to make the right financial decisions for you and your family, and keep your financial future moving in the right direction. No pre-registration is required for this class.

On June 1st the Friends of the Library will be holding their annual plant sale outside the library from 10 AM-2 PM. Donations of seedlings, perennials, annuals, houseplants and other green things will be accepted at the library during regular hours until the sale. Donations of new or gently used gardening equipment will also be accepted. We will also be holding a bake sale at the same time as the plant sale, so those of you not blessed with a green thumb can still support library services in the Tyrone-Snyder community.

Registration for our summer reading program will begin on Monday, June 17th, and we’ll be celebrating with a series of special summer reading events throughout June. Come get a preview of this year’s summer reading theme at our June Family Fun Night on Tuesday, June 11th at 6 PM. Dig into Reading is this year’s theme, and it focuses on all things underground, from gardening to ground dwelling creatures to archeological treasures. On June 22nd we’ll have our 3rd annual summer reading carnival in the library’s parking lot from 6-8 PM. Play all your favorite carnival games & win prizes! Refreshments will be available at the carnival for a small donation to the library. Another summer reading program tradition is our t-shirt decorating workshop. On Tuesday, June 18th at 6 PM kids can decorate a t-shirt with an iron-on transfer featuring this year’s summer reading program slogan and logo and a variety of stencils and paints. Decorate a t-shirt and wear it to all the summer reading events you attend! This program is BYOT: bring your own t-shirt. We provide all the paint, transfers, and other decorations. For the first time we’ll be presenting a free show from the teenage magicians of M&M Magic on June 25th at 6 PM. All summer reading events are free and open to the public (even if your family is not participating in the summer reading program, although we hope you do!), but we ask that caregivers stay with their children.

Our Friends of the Library will be presenting Groundbreaking Reads, the summer reading program for adults. The Groundbreaking Reads theme is focused on books that changed the world, and we’ll be spotlighting some of these revolutionary books in the library’s collection in June. Read books, attend special events, and win prizes donated by local businesses in our weekly prize drawing. So far we’ve received donations from Austin’s Texas Hot Dogs, Kim’s Beauty Salon, and the College 9 Theatre, with more donations to come. We appreciate the support from these local businesses in helping to make our summer reading programs more fun for the participants.

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Summer Reading

The Library has been participating in summer reading programs for over 20 years.  The purpose of the program is to prevent children from suffering from the summer slump, a term used to describe young readers that take a break from reading and forget some of their skills over the summer months.

Each year there is a theme for the summer reading program.  This is not unique to just the Tyrone library, it is for libraries all over the  United States.  There were 3 themes for 3 age groups, Dream Big for the under 12 group, Own the Night for the teenagers and Between the Covers for the adults.  From these themes, corresponding activities are planned.  Sign ups are made and statistics kept for each group.  And prizes are awarded!

The Dream Big and Own the Night groups had 75 register and 44 complete the program.  To complete the program involves keeping track of the books read and the number of pages and then turning the log in on time.

Dream Big

This group actually consists of 2 sub groups.  The first being the read to me group.  This is for the youngest of future readers that are unable to read themselves.  The 2nd group are readers over the age of 7.  One of the best part of summer reading is the prizes.  For the children they can get a coupon for a FREE meal at McDonald’s, a $5 gift certificate to Benzel’s Pretzel factory, a plastic bag with the theme on it for carrying future library home and a really nice toy.

A quilt is donated each year to be raffled off and the proceeds cover the expenses of summer reading.  There are very nice prizes that are purchased.  On the closing ceremony all of the prizes are spread across a few tables, as each child’s name is called they are welcome to select a prize.

The top read to me and reader were awarded with a 1 day pass to Delgrosso’s amusement park.  The top read to me person had 57 books read to them.  The top reader read 139 books and the most number of pages read was 13469!

Own the Night

This group is for the teenagers.  The top reader was awarded a gift card to Barnes n Noble.  The top teen reader read 12 books and the most number of pages read was 4063.

Between the Covers

The adult summer reading program runs most of the summer, where the youth programs go for only 6 weeks.  The adult program was kicked off by a spa night in June.  There was a ghost hunters program in July and a quilt show to wrap up the summer in August.

There are prizes for the adults too.  Members of the Friend’s group donate small items that go into a prize basket.  There are weekly random drawings for a prize.

The adults can review the books they have read and receive a coupon for a FREE used book.  These reviews are kept at the library for other patrons to peruse.

New this year was a patchwork quilt made from all the titles that were read by participants.

There were 35 people that signed up and 15 logs that were turned in.  The group read 290 books containing 99,473 pages.  The top reader, Adda Frye read 65 books with 26,486 pages.  A Barnes N Noble gift card was given to Adda for her hard work.  The 2nd place reader Deb Bartos, read 36 books with 12,171 pages.  And the 3rd place reader Barbara Herist read 27 books with 10,927.


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Happy Hatching Day Party!

In celebration of the chick hatching, the library put on a party!  My boys couldn’t wait!  Their hope was to be able to hold a real, live chick.

The Creature Teacher, (Judy Wallace) from the Blair County Conservation District came and taught everyone about chickens.

She started at the beginning and talked about eggs.   She even passed out some raw eggs to see if the kids could break the shell with 1 hand.  None of the kids were able to do this.  She then showed them the trick for doing this in 1 hand, piercing.  She had a ring on that she turned to have the stone on the inside and used the stone to pierce the egg.  The baby chick uses part of its beak to break the shell.After showing the kids the trick, one had to try it again.  To the person’s surprise the egg broke!  How egg-citing!  The person was so shocked that they were waving their arms around trying to get he gooey egg of their fingers.  This did not end well.  An innocent bystander got egg on their shirt.  Thank goodness the Librarian’s had an extra t-shirt.  I tried to take a picture for your viewing enjoyment, but they wouldn’t corporate.

The kids were very excited to take a turn holding the chicks.  These chicks were a few weeks old.  I couldn’t believe how quickly they grow from hatching.Judy was so gracious to give the kids a little grain for their hands.  They all wanted to feed the chicks.

Judy also brought along her hen, Foot of 10, that just happened to have 10 toes, well they really aren’t called toes.  Most chickens only have 8.  She showed where the eggs come out.  The kids thought that was kind of gross.  I even over heard one them saying it was TMI (too much information).As the event wrapped up we sang to the chick.  Judy had come up with the most creative song explaining the incubation of the eggs.

After all our learning about eggs and the hatching process, which the kids acted out on the floor, the kids were ready for some cake.Here is the chick we honored with our celebration being offered some grain for the 1st time.  Chicks don’t drink milk like other babies do, they go straight for grain.Thanks so much for the creature teacher telling us about eggs and chickens and giving us a hands on experience with her.


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Chicken Talk

The Tyrone-Snyder Public Library recently had a chance to participate in a great new program developed by Jody Wallace, the outreach coordinator for the Blair County Conservation District (your kids might have seen Jody at school, where she’s better known as the Creature Teacher). What’s Hatching at Your Library? is a program that lets kids see chicken eggs being hatched right in the library. Only one of our 12 eggs hatched (I was upset and worried that we did something wrong, but Jody assured me that you never quite know what’s going to happen with chicken eggs), but what an amazing experience to see this little chick push its way out of its shell.



Being born is really hard work, and it took the chick about two hours of pushing and resting before it finally came out of its shell.


Finally the chick shook the last of its shell off, and we had a full-fledged baby chicken!


The chick stayed in the library for two days following its birth, and we had a birthday party for it on Wednesday complete with cake and singing. You’d think this kind of attention would be too much for a tiny baby bird, but since it never knew any other chickens, it imprinted on people and loves human attention. 

Today Jody brought the chick back for a little visit, and it’s been a treat watching it interact with some of the kids at the library. I just watched a toddler have a conversation with the chick, and it was riveted by the little boy speaking.


This was definitely one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced as a librarian, and I really wish we could keep this little bugger as a mascot at the library. I hope next summer we can try to hatch a whole flock of library chicks!

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Ghost Hunters

Last night at the library we had author and historian Patty Wilson speak to us.  Patty has always been fascinated with the paranormal.  She loves history and after publishing her first book some 20 years ago she started getting asked a lot of questions.  She has since founded the Ghost Research Foundation that helps others in solving some of their mysteries about their own haunted places.

Patty is a great story teller.  She said that having contact with a ghost is just being in the right place at the right time.  And some people are just more sensitive than others.  She compares it to genetics just like some people have green eyes and others have brown.

I admit I was a little skeptical about this in the beginning.  But after Scott Crownover, Patty’s partner of 12 years showed the group some of the scientific equipment and I heard my first EVP (Electronic Voice Phonemena), I was a believer.  They went on to show us pictures and explain how the buildings were empty and the gates locked at the time of the photographs.

Patty went onto tell us stories of local places that were haunted.  Some of the places she told us about were;The Altoona Railroader’s museum, Jean Bonnet, The Bedford Hotel and another hotel in Windber, PA.

Each story was just as interesting as the one before.  Even my boys ages 5 and 7 were able to sit still and listen to the presentation.  We came home with an autographed copy of Monsters of Pennsylvania.  I can’t wait to read it!


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what’s going on this week at the library?

We have two programs lined up this week that we’re pretty excited about: on Tuesday, July 10th, we’ll be holding a dream interpretation workshop for teens from 5-7 PM. There will be a brief informal presentation on the interpretation of the symbolism of dreams followed by creating customized dream journals. This program is free and open to teens ages 12-17. Remember, any children and teens can attend our summer reading events–they don’t have to be signed up for the summer reading program to participate in the programs we hold in the library.

On Thursday, July 12th at 6 PM the Friends of the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library are hosting a free presentation on the ghosts of Pennsylvania by Patty Wilson. Ms. Wilson is the author of Haunted Pennsylvania and is a noted authority on Pennsylvania  folklore and supernatural phenomenon. Autographed copies of Ms. Wilson’s books will be available at the program. This program is free and open to the public, but we ask that you RSVP by calling the library at 684-1133.

Summer seems to be flying by, but we have lots of other programs lined up for the rest of July–stay tuned for updates on the blog and on our facebook page!

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The Tyrone-Snyder Public Library is for the birds!

You’ve probably heard of places going to the dogs, but this summer the library is definitely going to the birds! Currently we are participating in the Blair County Conservation District’s What’s Hatching at Your Library? program developed by Creature Teacher Jody Wallace. Jody develops educational programming for kids in Blair County that teaches them about nature and conservation–all her programs are wonderful (she is a frequent guest during our summer reading program, and the kids love her!), but we’re really excited about What’s Hatching at Your Library? Jody set up an incubator in the library in June, and this month we are going to hatch some chicken eggs. Of course, only Mother Nature knows for sure, but the projected hatch dates for our eggs are July 10th, July 13th, July and July 17th. We’ll be posting Facebook updates as soon as we see those eggs hatching, so stay tuned.

What’s Hatching at the Library will conclude with a special EGGS-STRAVAGANZA birthday party for the library chicks on Wednesday, July 18th at 3 PM. Fortunately Jody will be taking the chicks back to the farm, because on July 24th at 6 PM we’ll be welcoming Shaver’s Creek and their live owls at their Owls Around Us show, and something tells us owls and chicks are not a good combination. We’ll have another owl program with Jody on July 31st at 6 PM titled Owls: Creatures of the Night. At this program you’ll have a chance to dissect a real owl pellet. Depending on your personality this is either fascinating or disgusting, or possibly both.

All these programs are free and open to children and teens whether or not they are participating in our summer reading program. Local, free, and fun–we have it all for summertime!

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desperately seeking quilts

Our Friends of the Library are having their first ever quilt show this summer, and there’s still time to submit your favorite quilt! Quilters can enter their masterpieces in our individual entry category, but we also have an heirloom category for quilts you own but didn’t make. Entries must be a flat quilt, bed quilt, wall hanging, or table runner. No quilted clothing will be accepted. Entries must be pieced and quilted and complete with a binding. Machine or hand quilting will be accepted, but entries cannot have been sent to a 3rd party for completion (it is, however acceptable to submit a quilt multiple people have collaborated on as long as one of the quilters is submitting it themselves). No tied quilts are permitted.

The deadline for submissions is July 16th. Send a clear digital photo of your entries to director@tyronelibrary.org. Photos of the quilts will be on display from mid-July until late August, but we’ll be displaying the quilts in person at a quilt show in the library on August 23rd. If you would like to enter a quilt and have no access to a quilt, contact the library at 814-684-1133 or e-mail director@tyronelibrary.org. Our Friends of the Library group is willing to make an appointment with you to come photograph your quilt for the show.

Patrons will be casting votes for their favorite quilts for $1.00 a vote until the show, where the individual entry with the most votes will win a gift basket. The winning heirloom entry will receive a certificate.

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